Root Canal


Root Canal

A tooth can die or become infected if a cavity or decay makes it to the nerve or pulp of the tooth. Trauma or having a tooth hit can also kill a tooth. When bacteria gets into the pulp or the tooth dies you have two choices. Either pull the tooth or a root canal. Otherwise doing nothing may result in a tooth infection or abcess. A root canal is when the tooth is hallowed out and cleaned down to the tips of the roots using small files and cleaning solutions. After all of the material inside the tooth is cleaned out and the root canals are shaped they are filled with a rubber material called gutta percha. If the tooth is free of infection and pain after the root canal then it is considered a success and the tooth does not need to be pulled out. So, a root canal is an opportunity to save your tooth.

Some abcessed or infected teeth are very painful and obvious. They can be swollen or it hurts to bite or chew on them. Other teeth are asymptomatic or do not hurt and are not obvious. Regular dental care and asking questions about your teeth and gums are an important part of your over all health.

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