Fillings and Restorations


Fillings or Restorations

Amalgam or composite resin restorations are used to repair damaged or missing tooth structure. This can be caused by wearing down of the tooth, decay or trauma. The area is prepared to accept the filling or restoration and then restored with a classic metal (amalgam) restoration or a newer white material such as composite resin or glass ionomer. Composite resin can also be used to reshape the appearance of a tooth. Such as covering darker areas or filling gaps and cracks.

The length of time a restoration or filling last depends on the material used, the size and location of the filling, the eating and/or grinding habits of the patient and how well the patients take care of their teeth afterwards.

If you have pain or sensitivity when eating or drinking having a dentist examine your teeth for decay, cracks or wear is advised. Often dealing with a problem earlier instead of waiting makes fixing the problem easier for the dentist and the patient.

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