Dental Bridges


Dental Bridges

Bridges are one method to replace missing teeth. A bridge is a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth. Meaning you can not take it off. A bridge has a fake tooth or teeth anchored by cementing it to your own natural teeth or implants. The bridge depends on the strength of the teeth or implants to carry their own weight plus the weight of any fake teeth added on. It can be made of metal and/or ceramic and lasts as long as the teeth or implants that are holding it in stay solid and strong.

Missing teeth make eating/chewing more difficult. It may also affect self confidence. As time goes by without replacing missing teeth your mouth changes. Teeth start to shift to empty spaces and this will affect the appearance and function of your teeth. Not all of the options to replace missing teeth may be available as you let more time go by with out treatment. If you have questions, ask a dental professional about your options to replace missing or broken teeth.

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